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organic honey from quinta da serrinha

This honey is produced in Trás-os-Montes, by organic beekeepers, and is available in  rosemary and mountain varieties, with a predominant flowering of heather, chestnut and oak.

You might have some doubts about what this organic honey is. I will therefore explain some differences:


The hives where this honey is produced are installed in areas of spontaneous vegetation (less human intervention) and cultures in organic production mode, thus reducing the probability of being contaminated.


Chemical methods using synthetic substances to combat pests such as varroa (the main scourge of honey production, capable of compromising the entire production) are completely prohibited. They are then replaced by organic acids such as formic acid and essential oils such as menthol and thymol.


Only bee breeds of European varieties are used and artificial feeding of the swarm is discouraged, being admitted only in cases where the survival of the colony is at risk, and only organic honey can be supplied as food.




Rosemary honey (1kg)=12€

Mountain honey (1kg)= 12€












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