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organic olive oil, low acidity olive oil, organic, cold pressed

It is when only part of the olives are ripe that comes the time to harvest, thus enhancing the flavor and aroma of the oil. They are picked from the trees, never from the ground, and sent to the mill as quickly as possible, so that the quality is not lost.


The oil is then removed, at low temperatures (T<27ºC), and immediately placed in stainless steel vats in a warehouse where it remains until it is removed for sale, thus protected from direct light and heat.


Obtained from a mixture of olives of different qualities from the region, this oil is very fruity. But nothing like trying it out and checking it out.


The acidity is always less than 0.5% (0.3% in 2023) and it has no sensory defects, which according to the legislation allows it to be classified as extra virgin.





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