organic olive oil, small production


When only a part of the olives is mature, it’s time to do the harvesting. This is the way we enhance the olive oil flavor and aroma.  The olives are caught directly from the tree, and never from the floor, and brought to the mill as soon as possible, so it’s quality is preserved.


The olive oil is extracted at low temperatures (T<27ºC) and then placed in stainless steel vats in a warehouse, protected from light and heat. It only comes out to be sold.


Obtained from a mix of different native varieties of olives, this olive oil has a differentiated flavor, with notes like fruity, green olive leaf, bitter and spicy.


The acidity is always under 0,3% (0,2% in 2020) and doesn’t have sensorial defects, which allow it to be classified as extra virgin olive oil.

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