This small farm is situated in the sourroundings of Alfândega da Fé, a village in the Trás-os-Montes region of Portugal.

It’s a severe weather region, with really hot and dry summers and cold winters, which turn it into the perfect place to grow olive and almond trees.  


With more than 9 hectars, the farm is composed by new and old olive grove (the old one's are in the family for the last 3 generations). Their varieties are the typical from region: cobrançosa, verdeal, madural and negrinha de freixoIt's their perfect mix that allow us to reach a distinctive olive oil. 


Besides the olive grove, there is also a stone pine forest, fruit trees and native forest used to maintain biodiversity. It’s a local with a great natural health, where lots of plants and animals species are protected.


You can have a look on the land work we are doing on the facebook page:


If you're interested in a tour through the farm, see how we work and taste our olive oil in the source, please let us know, we'll be very happy to have you!







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